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Velikost: 7,15'
Tip: T.King MP-D
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Swapbody containers are compatible cargo containers which are used like the sea container in the intermodal traffic. The swapbody with supporting legs must not be changed heavy-going with crane or forklift. The folding supporting legs allow unloading and picking up the whole swapbody container from the truck without additional assistance. The high delivery costs with crane can be omitted in comparison to the standard container.

The big advantage of the swapbodies lies in their dimensions which allow an optimal load factor with europallets: up to 18 europalettes.

Technical Data

  • External Dimensions: L x B x H 7450 x 2550 x 2700 mm
  • Inside Dimensions: L x B x H 7305 x 2458 x 2445 mm
  • Door Opening: W x H 2440 x 2361 
  • Inside Cubic Capacity: 45 m³
  • Tara Weight: 2850 kg
  • Payload: 15000 kg
  • Service voltage: 220 / 380 Volt