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40' HC (12m) Сontainer maritim

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40'HC Dry Van Container
Anul fabricației: 2002
Dimensiune: 40' High Cube
Model: T.King MP-D
Producător: Daikin
Stare: Used
Tip container: Dry Van Container

40‘ HC Dry Van Container– 76,4 m³

  • Solid steel frame construction
  • Roof-, side- and front walls from full-welded trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Big container double door with interlocks
  • Wooden floor
  • The exterior colour of the containers can vary!

The advantage of storage containers lies particularly in their versatility referring to the installation. Thus storage containers can be used stationary for a long period. However due to their construction, the storage containers offer also the possibility to be moved when required fast. Therefore storage containers offer excellent possibilities for flexible storage.


Technical Data

  • External Dimensions: L x W x H 12192 x 2438 x 2898 mm
  • Inside Dimensions: L x W x H 12032 x 2350 x 2695 mm
  • Inside Cubic Capacity: 76,4 m³
  • Deadweight: 3890kg
  • Payload: 28260 kg