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20' (6m) Tank Container

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Tank containers are suitable generally for storage and transportation of all kinds of liquid, gases and loose powders.

There are tank containers for the chemicals-/ hazardous and non-hazardous cargoes as well as for the food transport.

The tank containers are equipped by default with steam heating runs, which provide extra heating capacity when required and lower operating costs, as well as isolations. They are available in a wide range sizes, capacities and configurations to meet your standard bulk liquid cargo needs.

Technical Data

  • External Dimensions: L x B x H 7820 x 2550 x 2670 mm
  • Inside Cubic Capacity: 21,000 - 26,000 l
  • Tara Weight: 3,540 - 3,830 kg
  • Payload: 36000 kg
  • Discharge Type: 3 closure bottom discharge
  • Steam working pressure: 4.0 bar
  • Maximum cargo temperature: 130°C