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A mobile insulted refrigeration cell is produced of original container sandwich panels with heat-insulated walls, polyurethane foam and refrigeration system.

Refrigeration cell is used for storage of deep-frozen food at the temperature -15-20 °C.

The availability of the thermodoor guarantees the comfortable access to the cell and the exit in case of the interlocking from the outside.

As a machinery unit is installed a low temperature refrigerated system, which holds automatic the set temperature with the help of the air condenser.

The unit is equipped with the defrost setting what contributes to the elimination of icing from the evaporator.

  • External Dimensions: 6175 х 2880 х 2450 mm
  • Inside Dimensions: 5990 х 2540 х 2290 mm
  • Door Dimensions: 2170 х 1260 х 80 mm
  • Power Consumption: 4,5KWh 
  • Density: Front wall - 8 mm, Sidewall - 6 mm