Hűtőegység Carrier - Bimicon
Тел.: +49 40 59-39-58-0 Факс: +49 40 59-39-58-20


Наличност: 10 брой

Основни характеристики:
Година на производство: 2000
Размер: 40'
Тип: Carrier ML2i
Производител: Carrier
Състояние: Gebraucht
Тип контейнер: Kühlcontainer

Тел.: +49 40 59-39-58-0   Факс: +49 40 59-39-58-20




We organize and offer together with our partners low-cost container transports in the intermodal traffic by truck, road and ship. Efficient pre- and oncarriage complete our offer domestically and abroad.

We will gladly support you with any questions you may have in connection with container deliveries and make you a customer-oriented non-binding offer also in the short term.

Terms of payment: advance payment


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