20' (6м) Хладилен контейнер

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20'RF Carrier 2005
Година на производство: 2005
Размер: 20'
Тип: Carrier ML2i
Производител: Carrier
Състояние: Used
Тип контейнер: Refrigerated Container

20' RF Thermo King 2017
Година на производство: 2017
Размер: 20'
Тип: T.King MP4000
Производител: Thermo King
Състояние: New
Тип контейнер: Refrigerated Container

20'RF HC Carrier 2006
Година на производство: 2006
Размер: 20'
Тип: Carrier ML3
Производител: Carrier
Тип контейнер: Kühlcontainer

20'RF HC Carrier 2003
Година на производство: 2003
Размер: 20'
Тип: Carrier ML2i
Производител: Carrier
Тип контейнер: Kühlcontainer

20‘ RF – 27 m³

A refrigerated container is comprised of steel frame with heat-insulated walls in sandwich-structured composite with polyurethane foam and refrigerated aggregate.

The bottom of the container is from aluminium-t-profile, the inner surface is from stainless steel. The container has a double door (also in sandwich-structured composite) with container locking bar.

Types of Refrigerated Machinery Units

All types are of the excellent quality and higher efficiency.

Considering the technical parameters, all models are similar and differ only in electronic facilities.

Carrier - Microlink 2 - Microlink 2i

This model is more productive at low temperatures (from-20C °) and it is highly recommended for the storage of ice and for freezing of the temperature-sensitive products.

Thermo King

This model is very easy in operating and service.

This is possible to repair separately each device of the refrigeration unit. Easy to operate and able to work under pressure.


Technical Data

  • External Dimensions: L x W x H 6060 x 2440 x 2590 mm
  • Inside Dimensions: L x W x H 5450 x 2286 x 2246 mm
  • Inside Cubic Capacity: 27 m³
  • Deadweight: 3200 kg
  • Payload: 22000 kg
  • Service voltage: 380V/50 Hz
  • Required connection: 5-pole 32A
  • Power Consumption: 4,5KWh to 10KWh
  • Refrigerant: R-134a or R-404a
  • Adjustable temperature range: +25°C to -25°C